Production in EU countries guarantees high product quality, compliance with standards and guidelines, timely delivery as well as investment in the development of local markets. In addition, production in local markets has a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions by shortening the supply chain and transport logistics.

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At SIGERN, we ensure that our activities are in line with our sustainability policy by:

  • minimising the amount of post-production waste,
  • avoiding harmful substances in production processes,
  • optimising existing processes within the company,
  • reducing CO2 emissions through appropriate solutions,
  • carefully selecting raw materials and their suppliers,


Environmental protection

Environmental protection is an important point in our company policy. Caring for natural resources and the quality of life of future generations should be a standard for all responsible businesses. We implement it using the following:

  • reduction of post-production waste and development of a recycling system,
  • manufacturing some of our products from re-granulate, thus reducing the amount of plastic present on the market and allowing it to be reused,
  • in the case of products for which re-granulate cannot be used at the design stage due to customer guidelines and application, we assess the potential environmental impact, reducing its weight where possible and placing the emphasis on durability so that they will last for years,
  • in accordance with good practice, we use e.g. hot-runner moulds in the production process, keeping waste to a minimum,
  • we take care of the safety and health of the users of our products by using raw materials of the highest quality, in line with the intended use of the resulting components,
  • minimisation of electricity consumption is an important environmental aspect, which is why we use the most energy-efficient and precise electric injection moulding machines on the market, as well as production automation, which has enabled us to reduce the company’s energy consumption by 40%, and additionally to reduce the consumption of lubricants by 90%
  • we use post-production heat to heat the hall and offices,
  • reduction of water consumption – we use a closed water circuit
  • we have reduced the use of chilled water generators by 95% and use alternative methods for cooling to reduce environmental impact
  • reducing the amount of trees felled by purchasing recycled materials for the current needs of employees and the company
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,
  • reduction of noise, and possibly dust


Reduction of energy consumption by 40%

Lubricant consumption reduced by 90%

Reducing the chilled water generator use by 95%

Managing according to values

We are proud of implementing an Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the environmental standards of ISO 14001:2015. We want the processes present in our company to be transparent and clear. In contact with customers for whom we provide serial production services as well as with suppliers of raw materials, we are guided by such values as: respect, honesty, integrity and loyalty, which contributes to building trust and long-term cooperation.

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  • we ensure the reliability and durability of our components because we want to be trustworthy
  • we verify the quality of products through multi-stage control mechanisms,
  • we ensure that our customers and suppliers have the right knowledge because we want them to be proud to achieve their goals with us
  • we care about employee engagement, loyalty and satisfaction
  • we take care to improve the awareness and responsibility of our employees in terms of both quality and environmental management,
  • we operate on the basis of clear principles; we want our activities to be transparent
  • we guarantee safety, we want employees to feel secure
  • we work to the highest standard of products and services
  • we care about the satisfaction and trust of our employees and customers
  • we respect social and cultural diversity


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Care for the environment

Our aim is to raise awareness among our employees about environmental protection and to minimise the negative impact on the ecosystem.

  • we are diligent in the implementation of all norms and standards relating to sustainability policy
  • we monitor environmental indicators and work to improve actions to minimise potential negative impacts on the environment
  • by striving for sustainability, we are constantly modernising our company so that its activities are environmentally friendly
  • we support and take an active part in environmental education campaigns, we want to build public awareness in this area, we take part in social campaigns:
  • Mr Cleaner (Pan Sprzątalski) page: link
  • Electro-waste collection vehicle page: link
  • Recycling Days page: link
  • Collect Batteries campaign page: link


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If you, too, care about saving the planet’s resources and want to work with a company that puts emphasis on environmental awareness, please request a quote.