Tailor-made products

Our offer includes the sale of not only ready-made elements, but also the creation of products according to individual customer guidelines. Thanks to many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the industry, we can offer the most adequate solutions that will certainly meet all expectations. You have your own idea for a product and you do not know how to implement it, please contact us. We will propose the material, as well as the most functional shape of the future product, so that it meets its assumptions, is durable, visually attractive, tailored to your needs..

What we offer:

Conceptual design 3D model Prototype

Making tools - injection molds

Test injections - Mass production of plastic elements

Tooling for packaging machines in map technology
Production lines

Project implementation on the highest level

Regardless of the complexity of the commissioned project, we guarantee its implementation at the highest level. And it is all thanks to a professional machine park and our passion for creation. As part of an individual order, we also offer the possibility of machining steel, plastic and light metal elements strictly according to the customer’s design. If necessary, we also provide professional advice from the industry.

What we offer

For companies from various industrial sectors, we offer serial production of plastic and light metal elements – both by injection moulding and casting. Thanks to the use of modern software and precise mechanical systems, we are able to fulfil each individual customer order.

We have over 15 years of experience in the processing of plastics

The plastic products we manufacture are mainly manufactured by injection moulding using professional tools designed by our company. Due to the fact that we have our own tool shop and design department, we are able to deliver the highest quality products. In order to increase the efficiency of our activities in the production process, we also use work automation, and we constantly strengthen our market position through the dynamic development of the range of products manufactured for various industries.

Modern stock of machines

A fully equipped machine stock and work on optimal conditions allow us to produce the highest quality elements at attractive prices. Additionally, to meet all the needs of our customers we offer custom production. To this end, we adapt assembly lines to customer requirements, while ensuring full quality control at every stage of the production process. Adapting to the current market needs, we are constantly improving our stock of machines.

Production of plastic elements

We manufacture plastic elements using injection moulding. This method consists in injecting plasticized material into the mould, in which it changes its state of aggregation. The software solutions we use ensure the reproducibility of batches and series of products throughout the production process.

We manufacture high-quality products for companies all over Poland, we are not limited to only one of the industries. Our products are used both in the fencing industry, as well as in construction, steel, food, etc. Cooperation with many different customers from various industries requires creativity, flexibility and professionalism.

Below are examples of elements produced by injection moulding:
Technical parameters of finished elements

  • Injection moulding machine clamping force: from 60 to 200 tons
  • Maximum element weight: 600 gr.

In production, we most often use the following types of plastics:

  • PS – polystyrene,
  • PP – polypropylene,
  • PE-HD high density polyethylene,
  • PE-LD low density polyethylene,
  • PA – polyamide,
  • PC – polycarbonate,
  • POM – polyacetal,
  • and others.

Casting of light metals and aluminium

The second method we use in serial production is casting. In this process, we use durable aluminium material, which allows us to create elements made of light metals and aluminium distinguished by good mechanical properties, a smooth and aesthetically made surface, as well as high dimensional accuracy. As a result, matching individual elements to each other is not a problem. Both casting and injection moulding allow for economical serial production of large batches of products.

Below are examples of elements obtained by the casting:
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