What is CNC metal machining?
CNC machining is the basic technique of manufacturing elements and tools made of steel and plastics by machining. It is characterized by remarkable precision of elements, obtained thanks to the use of computer programs. With various types of tools such as milling machines, lathes, cutters or grinders, CNC machining is performed, which consists in cutting small fragments from the main part of the shaped element. What is important is that cutting can not only achieve a specific shape, but also smooth the edges – which is an important technical parameter that affects the aesthetics of the product. Before starting the mechanical stage of works, a specialized program analyses the type of material and its roughness, taking into account the customer’s expectations.
CNC machining is divided into milling and turning. Vertical machining is usually used for milling, while cylindrical elements are most often turned. The numerically controlled processing allows for making fully repeatable details, which is nowadays a requirement of industrial customers, and allows for proper finishing of the required product. Other machining operations typically include drilling, facing, grinding, and engraving. CNC turning, on the other hand, is a machining that has allowed for the cutting of complex shapes that cannot be obtained on conventional machine tools. Even very small details with a diameter of less than a few millimetres can be prepared by turning.
The highest efficiency guaranteed is by professional CNC machining
Thanks to CNC machining, it is possible to produce a variety of elements in a highly efficient manner – each of them looks the same as planned in the project. With this type of processing, full automation is also possible, thanks to which the production of products takes much less time. Turning and milling also allow to minimize the loss of input material arising during machining.
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