Casting of light metals and aluminium

The second method we use for serial production is DIE casting technology. The process is virtually the same as in the production of plastic components. First, an injection mould is made. After that, alloys of dissolved aluminium are injected into it. Aluminium castings are characterised by good mechanical properties, high strength and excellent dimensional accuracy. After additional processing the surface  is smooth and look aesthetically pleasing.  As a result, fitting the individual elements together is not a problem. This method also allows the precise serial production of large batches of products.

A constantly growing machine park allows the production of larger and larger products, also use of modern production technologies make it possible to tackle increasingly difficult applications.

We make the casting models and injection moulds ourselves in our tool shop, which significantly simplifies the production process and reduces its costs. The entire process involves 3D design, prototyping and the construction of production tools in CNC technology. Naturally, the final stage is series production of the injection moulded parts for the customer.

Co oferujemy:

Conceptual design 3D model Prototype

Making tools - injection molds

Test injections - Mass production of aluminium elements

Below are examples of elements obtained by the casting:
Technological production capacity

  • Camping force of the die casting machine up to 700 tonnes.
  • Maximum element weight: 4000 g.

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