What we do?
  • 3D visual and technological modelling.
  • Preparation of fully functional prototypes. Construction and design of injection moulds.
  • Serial production of plastic and light metal elements.
  • Manufacturing service elements for machines and devices in turning and milling technology.
  • Making tooling for packaging machines in map technology.
  • Execution of production lines with solutions difficult to find on the market according to the customer’s conceptual assumptions.
Our company has been operating since 2004.

We have a tool shop equipped with CNC machine tools and an automated stock of
injection moulding machines. We treat the projects entrusted to us globally, we offer modern and functional solutions, CAD/CAM design, prototyping, production forms and, consequently, production. The comprehensive offer of the above-mentioned services significantly shortens the time needed to implement the product and reduces costs. Taking care of the quality of our products, we are gradually increasing the share of automation in the production process.

Based on our experience gained while building injection moulds, we also make elements of steel, plastic and light metals using machining. Examples of products can be viewed in the gallery on this page.

Why is it worth working with us?

Speed of implementation

High quality of products

Modern stock of machines