What we do?

We offer a full range of tooling and injection moulding services, from the design stage through the construction of the injection mould and batch production of finished plastic and aluminium components. We carry out projects comprehensively, which gives us control over all stages of production. This ensures that the implementation of the new product is faster and guarantees the quality of its workmanship. We offer our customers precision, speed of execution, reliability and guaranteed delivery. We are ISO 9001 quality certified and ISO 14001 environmental certified.

1 Design and construction consultancy.
We advise on the choice of the right material, designing the parts to be easy to manufacture, meeting the customer's specifications in terms of reliability and technical features, but also in terms of functionality for the user. We work on the basis of a technical drawing or model detail. Our portfolio includes projects that have been completed with a claim or patent.
2 3D visual and technological modelling.
We use professional software to create a mathematical representation of 3D objects or the shape of future plastic or aluminium components. This allows us to produce precise details, avoiding construction errors and emphasising quality and finish.
3 Production of fully functional prototypes.
If necessary, we offer the customer a prototype in the form of a 3D print or milling details from the target material, thanks to which he can make sure of the actual dimensions and parameters of the future element before the injection mold is created. At this stage, corrections to the project are still possible.
4 Injection mould design.
The design of the injection mould is one of the more complex stages of implementation. In such case we have to take into account all the design assumptions, the cutting method, the number of mould cavities, but also the number of projected cycles, so that the target production is not only feasible but also profitable for the customer.
5 Injection simulation.
With the simulation programme for more complex parts, we can rule out design errors in the injection mould even before it is created. In terms of both plastic and aluminium injection moulding, we can see in the simulation beforehand the points that need to be corrected in order to achieve the right part quality.
6 Injection mould construction.
We produce the moulds in our tool room on modern CNC machine tools. In the production of moulds, we also use EDM, grinding, polishing and laser engraving machines, depending on the desired surface finish. The in-house tool room also enables moulds to be kept in constant readiness for the production of parts.
7a Batch production of plastic parts.
We have a modern and robotised machine park: Demag and Engel injection moulding machines with a mould closing force of 60-500T, we can produce a plastic part of up to 2700g. We use electric injection moulding machines and renewable energy sources in the production process.
7b Batch production of aluminium alloy parts.
Aluminium injection moulding plant equipped with machines with a mould closing force of up to 700T, capable of producing parts up to a weight of 4,000 grams. In addition, we have automatic grinders with a rotary table in our tool room for further surface processing of injection-moulded components.
8 Delivery of finished components.
The client does not need to coordinate project implementation among different suppliers. It has all stages of production in one place, including the cyclical delivery of finished components. The lack of subcontractors and production in Poland, affects the speed and timeliness of order fulfilment.

Tool room.

The in-house Toolroom enables full control over the implementation of new parts right from the design and manufacture of production tools such as injection moulds. In addition, it speeds up the implementation of the component manufacturing process itself and, in the next stage, guarantees cyclical production without downtime. Our advantage in the industry is our ability to implement the product quickly and to provide real customer support in the development of the project.

Injection room

We offer batch production of plastic and aluminium alloy components, on our own moulds and those entrusted to us by the customer. The plastic materials we process are: PS, PP, PE-HD, PE-LD, PA, PC, POM, ABS, TPE and others. Our machines include all-electric injection moulding machines from Demag and Engel with a mould closing force of 60-500T. When it comes to the production of aluminium alloy injection moulds, the mould closing force of the injection moulding machines is up to 700T.

Precise implementation of projects

Using our many years of experience in the industry, we manufacture precision plastic and aluminium alloy components by injection moulding. We approach orders comprehensively – from the idea to the final product – we take care of the preparation of design documentation, 3D modelling, prototyping, trial injection moulding, construction of the injection mould in our state-of-the-art tool room equipped with numerical milling machines and CNC lathes, as well as the actual batch production of the final components according to the individual customer’s order. Our production hall is equipped with state-of-the-art electric injection moulding machines with a mould closing force of 60-500 tonnes. Our creative design department is happy to take on any challenge. We invite you to production cooperation.

Why is it worth working with us?

Speed of execution

High quality of products

Modern machine park

Creative projects

Dedicated technological solutions

Many years of experience

What is our aim?

Continuous development of services to provide customers with the highest quality products. With a professional tool room equipped with CNC machine tools and an automated park of injection moulding machines and numerical lathes, we fulfil our mission one hundred per cent. We treat all projects that are entrusted to us in a holistic manner, which means that we offer a comprehensive service at each of the production stages.

We offer modern and functional solutions in the form of CAD/CAM design, prototyping and production moulds and, consequently, efficient production. Our products and services are used in a wide variety of industries, for example, at the moment we cooperate with the food, medical, industrial, fencing, furniture and audio industries.

We pay particular attention to the circular economy and sustainability. We have introduced a number of improvements in the company, reducing the environmental impact of production and we use renewable energy sources. We have implemented and apply an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, in line with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, which confirms our reliability as a business partner and the direction in which we want to develop.

Bracia Fałowscy CEO / CO SIGERN

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